New England Patriots and New York Giants Brace For Super Bowl Hysteria

New England Patriots and New York Giants Brace For Super Bowl Hysteria

March 3, 2017 0 By Wordpress God

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Certain events in people’s lives lead to life altering situations. For players on the New England Patriots and New York Giants, the events happened the past few weeks, and the situation will occur two Sunday’s from now.

The Patriots are chasing history. They have done something that no other team has done in the history of football. They have won their first eighteen games of the year. If they should win one more, they will undoubtedly go to the top of almost everybody’s list of greatest teams of all time.

The Giants, on the other hand, have already accomplished something almost as remarkable as the Patriots run to perfection. They have gone on the road and defeated three teams that were favored over them. One team, the Packers, had already beaten them once this year, and another, the Cowboys, beat them twice.

One thing both teams will have in common over the next two weeks is the circus that surrounds the Super Bowl. Year after year teams travel to the site of the championship game and usually, the team that handles the distractions the best, wins the game.

With today’s marketing strategies of the NFL, the game itself has become a microcosm of the event. It has become two weeks of lead up stories and profiles, for four hours of what most of the time, never lives up to the hype.

So good luck to New England and New York. Two teams and their fans will travel across the country to claim their place in NFL history, and for a few players, the chance to have one of those life altering situations.