New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins on Historic Collision Course

New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins on Historic Collision Course

February 27, 2017 0 By Wordpress God

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This NFL football season is reaching the point where two possible record breaking situations could become reality. The New England Patriots could go the entire year without a loss, and the Miami Dolphins could go the entire year without a win.

The Dolphins at this point would have to be the favorite if someone had to pick which feat is more likely to happen. Miami only has to lose three more games to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a team that has gone win less for a season.

The Patriots task will be a bit more difficult. Their regular season looks like their should only be one more challenge, on the road against the Giants in the season’s last game. They would have to also win two playoff games and the Super Bowl to finish perfect for the year.

The ironic twist that this story holds is that these two teams will actually play each other on their vastly different paths to fame. The teams match up against each other in the second to last game of the season.

While it is still too early to consider either of these historic feats a lock, it is also too late in the year to dismiss them as not possible. Three weeks left in the regular season and the Patriots and Dolphins are taking NFL fans on rides similar to those found in a Disney theme park.

The Patriots on “It’s a Small World”, which brings cheer and giddiness. The Dolphins on “Space Mountain”, where shrieks can be heard at every turn and passengers usually end up feeling nauseous.