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Miami Dolphins

NFL Miami Dolphins Looking To Win First Game Against New York Jets

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The Miami Dolphins of today may not even know the names of the legendary players that came before them. They do know one thing, though, it is time to win their first football game this season.

The Dolphins have come close this year. Most of their games have been decided by less than a touchdown. Moral victories are not high on the Dolphins list of accomplishments, so the team must finally shake the bug that’s been following them around all year.

The Jets come into the game not much higher than Miami, but they can claim something the Dolphins cannot, a win.

Of the remaining schedule, this would look to be the easiest game for the Dolphins to win. That does not mean, however, that Miami will take the Jets lightly.

Experts are picking the Dolphins to win this game, but if the same Jets team shows up as the one that beat Pittsburgh a few weeks back, then Miami will once again have its hands full.

Game time is set for 1:00, and if the Dolphins are to save face for former players of the organization, then the time has come for them to win a football game.

BCS College Football Rankings Released, Ohio State and LSU For Title

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This season more than any in the past had the opportunity to be the one that ruined the BCS system. No team went through the season undefeated, and only a few had one loss.

One team, the Kansas Jayhawks only had one loss, but did not win their conference. Georgia was also a possibility for the title game, but they did not win their conference either.

That left Virginia Tech and LSU with two losses and conference championships, and in the end the Tigers received the nod from the BCS and play against Ohio State on January 7th in New Orleans.

Georgia will face Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl. USC will play Illinois in the Rose Bowl, and Virginia Tech will face Kansas in the Orange Bowl. Oklahoma will play West Virginia in the Fiesta Bowl.

Here is a look at the BCS top twenty five.

1.Ohio State


3.Virginia Tech






9.West Virginia


11.Arizona State



14.Boston College







21.South Florida



24.Boise State